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This happened a few years ago and the innocent and the guilty have changed to protect the names and locations. I was a frequent visitor to a parking lot dogging in the northwest and a Saturday night, I met a couple there to join me for the man was wearing women's underwear and guests had a right old session, got the leg to your partner and then I wanted was to see what the screw, pulling his pants on one side and slide my cock in. Of course I need a break for my stiffy again, but finally did and how they were axes, said, ' fuck that bitch 's ass ' and other dirty talk, obviously resulted in both, like me. After him fuck me, and I just wanted a small tail, I said ' tubestack OK'. Wow, the feeling that must be erotically and tubestack ' G ' in the act done, in my last tubestack chance in a matter of seconds. I asked if I was with her the following Saturday and could also use the sexy underwear. When the session was not of this world, I agree. The following Saturday I showed up in suspendersBelt, bra, panties and stockings. I must admit that when I got them dressed in a really hard on it and it was very important, if my pants and shirt worn on the underwear, but gradually a soft balloon from the time I came to a meeting. I sat there for 3 hours, and are not presented, so that at 2 in the morning I left and went home, still dressed in silk down my pants and shirt. on the way home I was attracted to him urinating in the parking lot of forest dieback. Since there were still some cars, I got into a land bank and in the forest. When I was peeing, another car passed with its headlights on high. I finished what I did and waited for the car to turn off lights or abandoned, but not, he came to my car and stopped, so I climbed back on the bench of the two young policemen who wanted to be confrunted know what I did. I accepted the explanation and began to search my car. They found condoms and, worst of all,a bottle of poppers. It is 'supposed' to not know what poppers and took me to the local police station, since it is suspected that the bottle contained an illegal substance, he said. In the police station and showed me a copper, which I learned later, Rick had his hands legs from my ankle was naturally felt my nylon stockings, but said nothing. I had questions, like, it was where I was and have been recorded for some reason, he said. I did not tell no lie. They said goodbye to the bottle test and had to answer two months later on bail. Then I returned to my car and go home. said on bail release, but is not turned on poppers, saying only that there is no case. A few weeks later, in an afternoon, rang, and it was there was but one of the non-uniformed police. He introduced himself as Rick, and said he had brought my bottle of poppers and he could come in. He sat down and talked more about the coupland I was on that fateful night, and finding the story in advance. He noted that he was bisexual and, obviously, wanted the clothes I wear, so I tubestack went to the tubestack room and took her to be seen. Rick said he had never seen a man in his underwear and I could wear. I told him that I see in the bedroom, because they attract passers-by might, in the townhouse right on the sidewalk, and I say that when she dresses. I guess what I 'm hard on myself again as I rolled up socks. Anyway, I called him and when he saw me, whistled and said, 'Shit, someone wants to go to ass fuck this' and he left his tail. What a bloody club had started with their hands up tubestack and down tubestack the legs and feel my panties around my penis and the release of the observation that I like the way he was killed. Then he dropped his pants and said 'suck this' forcing my head to tail. Then he started calling me a bitch bitch, a slag, and that he tubestack was going fuck me into another tubestack world. He put on a condom from his pocket and I rolled with it. I had to get tubestack some lubricant and smear my hole and then get into bed with her legs in the air. Was among them and beat his cock in my hole. I was screaming and he apologized and then started to loosen up when I relaxed, he began to strike again and call me dirty names all came up and said he would like to see all the power you get axes and I take a video. tubestack Then I had to bend over the bed and behind him when he started to rib my socks and beat away. to make a long story short, I threatened that he had shot his load, if I have something for everyone, especially the police, who not only refuses, saying he would charge a different order for me. find I have to say later, when I thought it was very exciting and I have to, basically, as some raw material.
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